Eric Grantham (cont.)

From 2011-2015 Coach Eric was integral in the following placement of over 20 1st round picks in the NFL:  

  • Football Players
    • Justin Gilbert (2014 1st Round Pick)
    • Taylor Lewan (2014 1st Round Pick)
    • C.J. Mosley (2014 1st Round Pick)
    • Teddy Bridgewater (2014 1st Round Pick)
    • Luke Joeckel (2013 2nd Overall Pick)
    • Manti Te’o (2013 2nd Round Pick)
    • Ryan Tannehill (2012 Top 10 Pick)
    • Luke Kuechly (2012 Top 10 Pick)
    • Russell Wilson (2012 3rd Round Pick)
    • Cam Newton       (2011 Number 1 Draft Pick)
    • Anthony Castonzo (2011 1st. Round Pick)
    • Dexter McCluster (Tennessee Titians Running Back)
    • Randall Cobb (Green Bay Wide Receiver)


In the Big Apple, Coach Eric prepared actors, high-level business executives, college recruits, and professional athletes for their Game Day.  He helped such celebrities as Sam Rockwell, Leslie Bibb and Michael Godere get ready for movies that required high-intensity physical performances.  Similarly, hedge fund owners, marketing moguls and high school team sports athletes angling for recruits needing the eagle-eye of Coach Eric to get from A to B in achieving their fitness goals.   

Now, Coach Eric is bringing his experience of working with a variety of different athletes with vastly different goals back to Tuscaloosa at Game Changer Performance Training. Game Changer offers weekend warriors, teen athletes and pros a customized and purposeful way to train and change their athletic engines while having a good time along the journey.  

From shifting body composition – and turning fat to muscle -- to shaving seconds off a mile, from lunging to a net shot to making a field goal, from learning how to do a perfect squat to learning what it takes to play ball for a D1 college, Coach Eric works with athletes of all ages – from middle schoolers to pro athletes – of all abilities – from couch potatoes to professional players.  

The only requirement to train with Coach Eric is to want to change up your game, whatever it is, and see results in the process.