The years when students are transitioning from middle to high school are often the years when differences in individual athletic abilities become apparent. 

At GameChanger, the right fit is the key to success, so Coach Eric and his team carefully gauge mental and physical maturity when matching up young athletes with a program tailored to their specific needs.

Assuming a proper fitness baseline is in place and an athlete is prepared for more intensive training, we work on:

  • Improving Core & Posture
  • Improving Linear & Lateral Speed
  • Improving Mobility & Stability 
  • Re-enforcing Injury Prevention Tips & Drills
  • Improving Energy System Development
  • Increasing Strength & Power Endurance


Students who are playing college sports and want to stay in shape on holidays or during the off-season, adults who want to train like they were still in college, and anyone over the age of 22 who wants to get in shape and feel better about their physical abilities find what they’re looking for in this GameChanger division.  

Coach Eric and his team pinpoint areas of weakness and work with athletes to strengthen and improve overall conditioning. Where appropriate, we curate programs for specific sports to push an athlete beyond previous limitations to make sure they’re ready for game day.      

 With athletes in this division, we work on: 

  • Improving Mobility and Agility
  • Improving Heart Health and Endurance
  • Teaching Injury Prevention  
  • Increasing Strength
  • Maintaining or Increasing Fat Free Mass/Body Composition
  • Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate


The Game Changer Off-Season & In-Season program is designed to train Youth athletes of any sport in proper techniques and mechanics of speed, strength, and energy system development.  

Off-Season training will consist of a two-hour workout that will focus on the following: 

Hour 1: Movement

  • Improve Linear & Lateral Speed
  • Increase Change of Direction (Agility)
  • Proper Technique in Jumping and Landing
  • Improve Mobility
  • Increase Work Capacity

Hour 2: Strength & Power

  • Instruction on How to Lift Correctly 
  • Improve Lower & Upper Body Strength
  • Injury Prevention 
  • Improve Core & Posture

In-Season Training is just as important as off-season training.  The In-season workout will be a 1-hour workout and will continue to address the following areas:

  • Strength & Power Endurance
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention